• A field of red clover and grass being cut to make silage

  • Silaging of the grass and clover

  • Min-Till soil preparation

  • Ploughed land

What we grow and produce

Selling milk, produced by the cows, to ARLA is the mainstay of the business. We also sell one month old beef calves to a local co-operative and rear the black and white male calves (bred to get females to be raised as replacements in the milking herd) until they are 7 to 9 months old and then sell them to a local farmers to fatten for beef.
In the past we have sold some surplus wheat but all of it is now used to feed the livestock.
All this is done using Integrated Farm Management principles and we are kept on track by using LEAF’s Sustainable Farm Review.

We also produce electricity from 20Kw of solar voltaic panels on the cow housing roof. Some is used on the farm the rest goes into the National Grid.
There is also a 60kw log boiler that produces hot water to wash the milking equipment and to heat several buildings. The timber for this comes from the farm woodlands.