Cross Compliance

These are the current cross compliance rules. The details can be found on the DEFRA website


SMR Number, What's it about and Important things you need to know

 SMR1  Nitrate Vunerable Zones NVZs  This used to ne SMR4
 SMR2 Wild Birds   This used to be SMR1
 SMR3  Habitats  This used to be SMR5
 SMR4  Feed and Food Law  This used to be SMR11
 SMR5  Hormones  This used to be SMR10
 SMR6  Pig Identification  No change
 SMR7  Cattle ID  No change
 SMR8  Sheep and Goat ID  No change
 SMR9  TSEs  This used to be SMR12
 SMR10  Plant Protection Products  This used to be SMR9
 SMR11 Welfare of Calves This used to be SMR16
 SMR12 Welfare of Pigs This used to be SMR17
 SMR13  Welfare of Farmed Animals  This used to be SMR18

GAEC1 Establishment of buffer strips along water course  Includes rules from GAEC14 and 19
GAEC2  Water Abstraction  It used to be GAEC18
 GAEC3  Groundwater  It used to be GAEC20
GAEC4 Minimum soil cover Vegetative cover, several exemptions
GAEC5 Minimum land management reflecting site conditions to limit erosion Soil rills, wash or blow over 1ha
GAEC6 Maintenance of soil organic matter level Ban on stubble burning, few exemptions. Grass and heather burning
GAEC7a Boundaries Hedges, stone walls, earth and stone banks. No cut 1st March to 31st August
GAEC7b Public Right of Way This used to be GAEC8
GAEC7c Trees  Includes rules from GAEC16 and 17
 GAEC7d  Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)  This used to be GAEC6
 GAEC7e  Historic Monuments  This used to be GAEC7