We take visit to the farm by groups that have made a booking. As it a commercial working farm we cannot, and are not set up to, have individuals or groups arriving at the farm to look round without booking first. This is not an open farm.
That said we do welcome pre-arranged groups which range from primary school children to old age pensioners.
The farm is a fantastic classroom from both primary and secondary students. We also take university groups with an interest in farming, conservation or woodland. As a LEAF, Linking Environment And Farming, demonstration farm we are more than happy to talk about Integrated Farm Management and how that promotes sustainable farming.

School visits

Nearly everything in the national curriculum can be taught using the farm. Farming And Countryside Education, FACE, has some wonderful resources to help teachers and farmers do this. Robert Kynaston has been through the CEVAS, Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme, training.


University visits

These are more specialised and in depth. Great Wollaston has the added interest of being a mixed farm with dairy and arable as well as the huge range of environmental work that takes place around the land.